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I’ve spent my career pushing for our government to be open and accountable to all people, not just to the wealthy and well-connected. Now I want to continue to fight for you as Denver Clerk & Recorder.





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About Me

Growing up the oldest of four kids in Arizona, I learned the values of education and service from my teacher mother and businessman father. As a young girl in the early 1980s, my two heroines were Sally Ride and Sandra Day O’Connor. Ultimately, I chose law over space travel and attended both Arizona State University and Georgetown Law on scholarships. I became a public interest lawyer because the potential and promise of our democracy is as awe-inspiring to me as the mysteries of our cosmos.

My legal career has focused on strengthening our democracy to better represent all citizens at the federal, state and local level. As policy counsel at the Federal Election Commission, I protected voters’ access to information about money raised and spent on political campaigns.  I taught and enforced important ethics rules to keep elected officials more accountable to voters than big money interests as nonpartisan Counsel to the US House of Representatives Ethics Committee.

Since 2010, my husband and I have raised our two kids in Southeast Denver after my brother-in-law (raised in Aurora) introduced us to the Colorado way of life. In Colorado, I’ve focused my advocacy for voting rights, government ethics, campaign finance reform, and public records access at the state and local level as Senior Counsel to Colorado Ethics Watch and an independent policy attorney working with nonprofit organizations. In addition to enacting statewide policy reforms, I have worked with the current Denver Clerk and City Council to improve transparency of city lobbyist reporting and disclosure of gifts to elected officials, update the code of ethics, and modernize Denver’s campaign rules to reduce the amount of “dark money” in city elections by requiring public reporting of outside spending about candidates and ballot measures. I was honored to be recognized as one of six Top Women Lawyers in 2017 by Law Week Colorado for this work.

I strongly believe in the value of civics education for active citizens of today and tomorrow. Through leading community workshops, volunteering with the Women's Lobby of Colorado, and teaching at the University of Denver, I help people participate in their government, understand how the process works, and find the information and tools needed to add their voice in policy-making. 

I’m running for Denver Clerk to continue the fight for a more accountable, transparent, and accessible city government that works for all of us. I have the subject matter experience and the history of successful stakeholder outreach and community coalition work to make change happen. I want to build upon recent updates and use my skills to create a city office that supports citizen involvement in governing every day, not just election day.