Colorado Independent - Peg Notes Flaws in Proposed State Campaign Finance Reform

(10/18/18) Corey Hutchins explained 2018 proposed Amendment 75 and the ways it could possibly change how money is raised and spent in state campaigns if passed by voters and included my analysis of the measure:

Peg Perl, a longtime ethics watchdog, former campaign finance lawyer for the Federal Election Commission and a current candidate for Denver County clerk, says she won’t be voting for the measure.

It’s unlikely the proposed amendment would deter a wealthy candidate from putting $1 million into a campaign because the new law would also apply to that candidate, she says. Having such a law, she adds, might even invite a wealthy candidate or a candidate with wealthy friends to pour in $1 million on purpose just so they can raise more money directly.

“It’s kind of a ‘let’s fight big money in politics by bringing more money into politics’ sort of approach,” she says.

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