Lakewood Sentinel - Peg Supports More Transparency in City Campaign Laws

(10/30/18) Joseph Rios examined proposed updates to Lakewood’s city campaign finance code that would increase disclosure of political spending and lower contribution limits. We discussed the need for cities to increase transparency and accountability in municipal elections:

Creating better transparency of contributors would lower the amount of money one could donate to a mayor, or councilmember candidate’s campaign. Lakewood’s current Campaign Finance Code allows for contributors to donate up to $5,000 to a mayor candidate and $2,500 to a city councilmember candidate. With the ad hoc committee’s current proposal, contributors would only be allowed to donate $800 to mayor candidates and $400 for city councilmember candidates. Better transparency would also include additional disclosure for independent expenditure committees.

“I think this is an important thing that we have been dealing with in a lot of different cities ... a lot of outside spending and independent expenditures,” Peg Perl, Colorado Ethics Watch former attorney. Colorado Ethics Watch is a campaign finance watchdog that ended its operations at the end of last year. “Since those are exploding all over the place, it’s been trickling down to the city level.”

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