Denverite - Peg's ideas for new opportunities in the Clerk's office

(12/4/18) Thanks to Esteban Hernandez at Denverite for spending time talking with me about my experience, why I’m running for Denver Clerk, and how new measures passed by voters in November present exciting opportunities for the next Clerk’s office to expand accountability, transparency, and accessibility in city government. Here are a few highlights from the piece:

About the importance of our Denver Clerk’s office:

Peg Perl thinks the public generally sees the role of the Denver Clerk and Record [sic] as the office responsible for overseeing elections.

That, of course, is true. But Perl, who’s running for Denver Clerk and Record [sic], wants residents to know the job is important for the functioning of daily government. A lot of its work is done behind the scenes, handling public records, licensing and land records.

Perl is an attorney who works as an adjunct teacher at the University of Denver and policy consulting on a contract basis. She’s spent 15 years working areas she thinks are relevant to the clerk’s duties, including working in voting rights, campaign finance reform and public records access, which she sees as the three main pillars of the clerk’s office work.

About my priorities and values as Denver Clerk:

Another new program approved by voters: The Democracy for the People Initiative, which will establish a public funding element to the city’s municipal elections. The initiative won’t be available to candidates until 2020.

“To me, that is a huge part of what the next clerk has to do and I am really excited to do that because I have done campaign finance regulation,” Perl said. “That would be one of the major things I would be expecting any clerk to have to focus on but I am especially excited to focus on.”

There will need to be an enforcement and accountability system for auditing in case something doesn’t go as planned. She feels prepared to handle that due to her past work.

“For me, it’s about bringing that experience which I used under the values of transparency and accessibility and accountability to everything that the clerk’s office does,” Perl said.

Read the entire profile here.

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