- Peg urges Secretary of State to Enforce Campaign Finance Rules

(6/12/18) Joey Bunch asked for my comment when he was writing about a federal court ruling against the private party enforcement system in Colorado state campaign finance law for  I urged the Secretary of State to step in and use authority under the Colorado Constitution to make sure the valid disclosure and anti-corruption laws were enforced during the 2018 election:

Peg Perl, a campaign finance policy attorney and candidate for Denver clerk and recorder, who doesn’t have a client involved in the case, said the constitution still requires the Secretary of State to enforce campaign laws, including theoretically imposing fines.

“Colorado’s rules on campaign spending and disclosure were enacted by the voters themselves and must be enforced during this important election year,” she said. “At a minimum, the Secretary of State should use the authority given to the office in the Constitution to enforce Colorado law while appeals are pending in this case.”

Click here to read the full article. Within a week, the Secretary announced temporary rules creating an agency complaint screening and enforcement process.