The Gazette - Colorado Supreme Court Affirms Government Ethics Case Originally Filed by Peg

(6/5/18) Marianne Goodland wrote for and The Gazette about this week's unanimous decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to uphold ethics violations and fines imposed by the Independent Ethics Commission in a case we filed and prosecuted when I was Senior Counsel at Colorado Ethics Watch:

Gessler, who was secretary of state from 2011 to 2015, now has lost unanimously in three court appeals with 10 judges ruling against him: one at District Court, three at the Court of Appeals and the six justices from the state Supreme Court who ruled Monday, noted attorney Peg Perl, who was on the case for Colorado Ethics Watch.

Justice Richard Gabriel recused himself because he was one of the appeals court judges who ruled against Gessler in 2015.

A further appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is unlikely, as the case doesn't raise a national constitutional issue, Perl said.

But Monday's ruling clarifies the ethics commission's jurisdiction over standards of conduct, she said.

The message, Perl said: "Elected officials are not supposed to use their official offices for private or political gain or for personal financial gain. That's the principle that needs to govern how you conduct yourself in public office."

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