- Peg Perl unveils backers in Denver Clerk race

(7/20/18) Thanks to Ernest Luning for covering my first announcement of endorsements from current and former elected officials in Colorado in his weekly roundup at Colorado Politics:

The municipal election isn’t for another 10 months, and she has yet to draw an opponent, but Denver clerk and recorder candidate Peg Perl is already racking up
support for her bid, the attorney and former senior counsel for Colorado Ethics Watch announced this week.

The current and former offcials supporting Perl include House House Majority Leader KC Becker, D-Boulder; state Sens. Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder, and John
Kefalas, D-Fort Collins; Denver Public Schools director Jennifer Bacon; University of Colorado Regent Jack Kroll, who represents the 1st Congressional District;
and former state Sen. Lina Newell, D-Littleton.

“Peg’s campaign finance expertise was crucial when we passed reforms to reduce dark money in school board elections. I know as Denver clerk she will
fight for transparency to voters and against oversized influence of big money in politics,” Becker said in a statement. Other endorsers cited Perl’s work on
updates to the Colorado Open Records Act and efforts to protect and expand voting rights.

Debra Johnson, Denver’s incumbent clerk, has said she won’t seek a third term next year.

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