Campaign Blog - Meet Marlene

This week out in Denver’s neighborhoods, I met Marlene in Cherry Creek. She is 82 years old and a retired public servant. We talked a lot about disclosure of city contracts and other public records, because Marlene spent most of her career working on procurement contracts for various government agencies.

Then Marlene explained to me all the years she spent volunteering to help people across Denver with their absentee ballots in past decades so that no one was unable to participate in any election.

Because Marlene is a Holocaust Survivor, who came to this country after the war as a child through Ellis Island.

She remembers so much about that trip and the process to be accepted into the U.S. with the hopes of a better life. Eventually, she made her way out here to Denver to serve everyone as part of our state and local government.

Voting means so much to Marlene. Government transparency and accountability to the people matter a lot to Marlene. I’ve spent my life working to strengthen our democracy for people like Marlene.

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