Campaign Blog - Jordan's Story

Last week, I met Jordan when I was out talking to voters in the Stapleton area. He is around 30 years old and works taking care of our seniors in Denver.

Jordan shared with me how sad he was that he could not vote in last November's election because although he has lived here since late summer, he still had his Pennsylvania driver's license. See, he didn't even try to register or vote because he assumed Colorado had the same rule as his old state and required him to have a Colorado license before he could register and vote.

Jordan was excited to hear he was wrong and could register and vote in our upcoming city election using other acceptable IDs even if he doesn't have time/money to go to the DMV and get a new license right away. But he still missed his chance to have a voice last election.

This is why I helped changed Colorado's voting laws.

This is why voter education and outreach informed by experience and cooperation with community groups matters.

This is why we need more automatic voter registration & updates to addresses beyond the DMV.

This is why I am running for Denver Clerk and Recorder.


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