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It is the Clerk’s job to provide all information voters need to cast an informed ballot, including campaign spending disclosures about who is donating to candidates and trying to influence your vote. As Clerk, I will work with the community to build (and keep updated) a system where campaign spending information is easy to file and easy to find.

Denver has our own home rule municipal code and disclosure system for the raising and spending of money in city elections. Any information you want to find will be on the Denver Elections website, not the Secretary of State TRACER system (where legislative and statewide candidate information is found).

In recent years, I’ve used my 15 years of campaign finance reform experience to help Denver adopt pro-democracy measures to be implemented and enforced by the next Clerk:

  • In 2017, we designed a major update through a Clerk-Council working group that modernized Denver’s reporting rules and required transparency to voters of outside spending to reduce dark money in our local elections. (See directions to view these new independent spending disclosures below). These improvements also increased accountability for candidates and groups by empowering the Clerk to enforce these rules with fines where necessary.

  • Last November, 71% of Denver voters approved a referred measure after years of policy work and community engagement which banned direct corporate contributions to candidates, lowered contribution limits overall, and creates a new Fair Elections Funds program with small-donor matching funds for candidates who agree to participate in the program with additional restrictions. These new programs will be in effect starting January 1, 2020 (not for this 2019 municipal election).

I am the only candidate for Clerk with experience in designing, implementing, and enforcing campaign finance measures at the federal, state, and local level. I am passionate about creating a transparent and fair process that honors voters’ mandate to improve public participation in elections while keeping candidates accountable for their use of public funds.

Until Denver transitions to a public disclosure system that fully incorporates the improvements passed by City Council and the voters, here are the steps for how to find information about Denver municipal candidates and committees during this May 2019 election cycle:

How to Find Denver independent spending, candidate, and committee Campaign Finance Disclosure Filings In General:

Go to Denver Elections Division website:

  1. Scroll down past the icons to the box titled “Candidates & Campaigns”

  2. Select “Campaign Finance System”

  3. FOR OUTSIDE GROUP SPENDING: Scroll down to the 2nd Bold Header “Independent Expenditure & Electioneering Communication Reporting”

    • Click the blue box for Reports Received, then reports are listed by name of the outside group who spent money for/against a candidate or ballot measure.

    • Click on a “Spreadsheet” file to see the listing of donors behind the ad, the type of ad, the candidate supported/opposed, and the amount spent on the ad

    • Click on a “PDF” file to see the name of the person making the ad and other coversheet information

  4. FOR CANDIDATES & COMMITTEES: Scroll down to the 3rd Bold Header “Campaign Finance Information & Archives.” Here you have two choices depending on what information you are looking for:

    • Click button for “Searchable Campaign Finance Reports” to download a single bulk spreadsheet of all contributions (or expenditures) by all City candidates and committee since 2012

    • Click button for “Campaign Finance Reports” to search for individual PDF reports of candidates or committees filed at certain times

How to Access The Latest Individual Denver Candidate and committee Reports Online:

  1. Click button for “Campaign Finance Reports (PDF)” (after steps above completed)

  2. Search “2018” to pull up a list of all committees & candidates that have filed so far in 2018

    • Click the name of committee/candidate

    • Select which filing you want to view (it will open in a new tab)

    • Switch back to other tab with the list if you want to see another report from the same committee/candidate and repeat.

    • If you want to go back to the list of all 2018 committees & candidates, click the blue highlighted “2018” above your shorter list to re-run that search

  3. Search by Last Name to see reports in multiple years by same candidate

    • Click the year of reports that you want to view then repeat steps within #2 above

    • If you want to go back to the list of all years for your candidate, search for last name again in the search box at the top of the shorter list to re-run the search

In keeping with my commitment to transparency, I AM posting my campaign’s information here on this disclosure Spreadsheet and updating it at least as frequently as my reports are filed with the Denver Elections Division.